The Nickhof

Was first mentioned by the Habsbirger Urbar in 1306. In 1441 it was owned by the Werdenbergs before being inherited by the Fürstenbergs in 1534. In 1841 the hereditary Prince Karl-Anton von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen purchased the Nickhof for 56,600 guilders. From 1531 to 1841 the Nickhof was leased as an hereditary fiefdom, i.e. managed by administrator of the princely court. Up to 1977, the Nickhof formed its own community, encompassing 172 hectares. In 1996 Urs and Elisabeth Schwerzmann acquired the Adminitrator’s House and chattels and renovated the historically listed building from the ground up. At the same time, Elisabeth renovated the garden, making the Nickhof and adornment on the upper Danube. The Nickhof lies at an altitude of approximately 600 meters.